Event Options - 2018 - Omokoroa Coastal Challenge
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Omokoroa Boat Club 15km Run

This is a new event in 2018 for those wanting a bit more of a challenge or something to push themselves for. 

The course will be the 5km route then the 10km route.  We had hoped that the next stage of the Omokoroa Cycle Path would be open in time for our event but sadly it is still closed.  Keep an eye out for next year's route though as it will definately be open by then!!!   

There is not a walk option for this distance.

Place getter prizes for this event are generously donated by the Omokoroa Boat Club.


Omokoroa General Carriers 10km Run/Walk

Omokoroa Gerneral Carriers 10km Run/Walk

Participants will be taken on a scenic adventure around our stunning peninsular.

The course incorporates the walkways around our coastline, the cycleway and some residential streets, giving participants a great appreciation of Omokoroa’s beauty.  The terrain includes grass, boardwalk, footpath, and gravel walkway.  The route is undulating with a couple of good hills and there is one set of stairs that you will need to go down.

All prizes in this event are generously donated by Omokoroa General Carriers

Lynley Park 5km Run/Walk

Lynley Park 5km Run/Walk

This is a shorter loop around the peninsula which also includes a stretch of the stunning cycleway.

Like the 10km route, the terrain is a mix of grass, boardwalk, gravel walkway and footpaths.  There are no stairs in this route but there are a couple of decent hills so make sure you get in some hill training.

This year we have two age-related prize categories - 13 years and under, and 14 years and over – to ensure that our younger runners who run their hearts out also get rewarded.

All prizes for BOTH prize categories in this event are generously donated by Lynley Park.  You will go through their beautiful subdivision as part of your run/walk - check out the views on your way - there are still a few sections for sale!

Tremains 2km Kids Dash

Tremains Omokoroa 2km Kids Dash

This option is aimed at children wanting to give it a go. 

Lots of parents enjoy completing this event with their children and you are very welcome to do this even if you are also competing in one of the other events. 

The course for this is two laps of the Sports Fields to ensure the safety of the children and for ease of watching by their supporters. 

You can run or walk it – or a bit of both! 

This year we are only awarding prizes to those in the 4-9 year old age group to ensure that this group get a fair chance at winning the top prizes, and to also encourage the bigger kids to give the 5km a go.  Last year we were so impressed with the 9-year olds who completed the 5km distance, proving that with the right attitude, this distance is perfectly achievable for 9+ year olds!”

This event will NOT be electronically timed due to the age of some of the participants and the impracticalities of them using a timing device.  We will have a judge at the finish line recording the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place holders.

All prizes for this race are proudly donated by Tremains, Omokoroa.